“Unmatched in the clinical literature ... a methodological advance."

The American Journal of Psychiatry


  Eidetic Image Therapy is a new and unique psychotherapy based on the pioneering work of Dr. Akhter Ahsen, originator of the field of Eidetic Image psychology and leading theorist in the scientific and clinical study of mental imagery. It Is a fast moving, positive therapy that gets to problem areas quickly and generates change by using precise tools that promote insight and growth.  

The Eidetic image is a bright, lively picture seen in the mind much like a movie image or a f ilm strip. It is different from other types of mental images in its unusual clarity and its ability to reproduce important life events with exact detail. Through the Eidetic image, one can re-experience a life event with all of its basic elements intact: the visual image (I), the physical and emotional feelings associated with it, (S), and the meaning or significance it contains (M). These special images are neurologically recorded in the brain and systematically stored away for future reference. When recalled, the Eidetic image recreates a vivid experience of events and conflicts in a person's life with drama, clarity and detail.

  As each Eidetic "record" is retrieved and thoroughly examined through Ahsen's step by step approach, any unresolved areas are revealed and their underlying causes are identified. From this enhanced perspective, emotional difficulties can be viewed with greater insight and the solutions to long-standing problems become clear. As a person gains access to inner strengths and resources through the Eidetic method, troublesome issues are effectively resolved and the experience of health and well-being is restored.
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